SMART Enterprise Response


SMART Enterprise Response delivers enterprise scalable e-Discovery, document review, document production and forensic analysis capabilities, leveraging and extending existing resources and infrastructure.


SMART Enterprise Response allows a wide range of stakeholders to efficiently manage multiple cases, multiple users, document production, data redaction, privilege review, compliance monitoring and similar tasks through an intuitive, easy to use browser interface.

First of all, what do we mean when we say “enterprise”?

  • Large, complex, heterogeneous environments
  • High bandwidth, high redundancy hardware
  • Large quantities of data
  • Support for multiple, concurrent users

as well as the process of

  • Conducting Multiple Concurrent Data Forensic Examinations
  • Distributing Workload and Workflow
  • Facilitating Electronic Discovery
  • Managing multiple cases / users / clients
  • Managing a Workgroup, RCFL or Task Force

SMARTER is not a single computer program or tool, it is a system and a methodology comprised of inter operable components and building blocks. One may conceptualize a SMARTER implementation as a Data Forensics Erector® set in which each component introduces and/or leverages some form of efficiency. Each component is designed to integrate with all the other components. All the pieces fit together and allow you to create whatever you want using a standardized set of components. Whereas an Erector® set includes wheels and axles and gears and pulleys, SMARTER includes assessment, acquisition, authentication, analysis, abstraction, access, optimization and other tools.

This is a new concept and a new paradigm in the field of Data Forensics and is not easily grasped by those bound to a point and click, “tool” based mindset. There are several answers to the question “What can SMARTER do for me?”. We can say things like “double your throughput” or “decrease storage requirements” or “enhance collaborative investigations” but the best answer to this question is “SMARTER allows you to do everything you are currently doing more efficiently”.

This may not sound like much of an answer, but take a moment to think about the two or three biggest problems or challenges you face every day, then think about what it would be like if you could remediate the underlying causes of those problems quickly, reliably, inexpensively and transparently.